Attending to the comedy needs of Maui since 2015...

Meet The Flock

Victoria McGee

Chief Whip Cracker
Victoria McGee has been doing comedy improv for decades! She cut her baby improv teeth at the LA Connection,
performed at the Comedy Store, and wound up in Arizona performing with Unscrewed Theatre before landing on Maui. "I'm just glad these silly grown-ups said Yes Free Range Comedy!!"
Vicki teaches for Maui Improv and thanks improvisation and Viola Spolin for a successful marriage to William Hubbard.

Billy Hubbard

William Hubbard is a silly man.
His background includes acting for stage, film, television, radio, and animation and improvisation with the Groundlings.
He blames his wife Victoria McGee for his continued silliness in participating in this endeavor.
He does not like cucumbers.

Aging Adolescent

Kristi Scott

GPS Guru and the original voice of Siri
Kristi is quite boring in real life and spends a lot of time brooding.
She is very thankful to have free range to bring her out
of her shell.
She is looking for a rooster and promises not to henpeck him.

Chris Rose

Improv feeds the 8 year old inside of Chris.
He must be fed.
He is grateful to be part of Improv on Maui and loves the instant creativity improv demands. “It is like meditation, the less I think the better.
I thank my Goddess Jennifer for signing me up for improv classes 2 years ago, without that, I would have never gone down this path.”

Karen Stavash

Karen Stavash learned improv with the Comedy Hui in 2010, and has been performing as lead singer of the Kit Kat
Club Cabaret for the past ten years.
Favorite stage credits include Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha, Little Sally in Urinetown, and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction.
She can think of nothing better than to be goofing off with these funny mother-cluckers known as Free Range Comedy.

Matt Brass

Matthew Brass was born of a funny German chicken farmer and a loving Irish artist. He has performed professional comedy
improv with the Pono Players and the Inspirates both on Maui as well as Comedy Sportz in Portland Oregon.
Matt advocates laughter as a primary nutrition and an accurate barometer of navigating a vivid enriching life adventure.
He appreciates the other members as
"Wonderfully hilarious" and “Delightfully disturbing enlightenment.”
Chicken Wrangler

John WIlliams

East Coast Surrogate
John Williams grew bored of just pretending to be John Williams. That’s why he does improv.
You may seen him slyly palming soldier figurines or demanding shrubberies from royalty.

Gabby Anderman

We really don't know this person or what she does...but she is funny.

Artistic Debutante